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Execution of commodity contracts in global trade can be complex and challenging. This is where we create added value to our clients. SOLVENTUM's execution team has in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the supply chain including but not limited to sourcing, trading, processing of oilseeds and edible oils, logistics and claim settlement rules.

Our role does not end upon completion of trade deals. We actively participate in the execution phase starting from contract negotiations upon the settlement of all open accounts and claims if any within the frame of FOSFA trading and arbitration rules.


Regardless of the size or quantity of the contracts, we approach every individual deal with the same delicacy, attention and discipline. In today's challenging business environment, every detail is very important and we put our utmost effort not to overlook any. This approach distinguishes SOLVENTUM and gives our well deserved success of being a comprehensive partner rather than a conventional broker.

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