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Product Categories

Vegetable Oils

With crude sunflower oil being in focus our brokerage division has been concluding successful deals of Black Sea origin edible oils between global suppliers and major refineries in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.


In depth knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain: trading, crushing, logistics, distribution gives Solventum the ability to be a sought after broker for oilseeds in the Black Sea, Turkey and MENA region.


Our portfolio includes fatty acids, fatty alcohols, glycerine and acid oils as  sustainable and versatile alternatives to fossil-fuel-based petrochemicals to be used in lubricant, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, animal feed, cosmetic industries.


Producers of renewable diesel, renewable aviation fuel and other renewable products rely on renewable raw materials such as used cooking oil, waste animal fat, spent bleaching earth and a variety of other renewable raw materials Solventum supplies.


We offer ISCC certified biodiesel and ethanol products from reliable sources with a range of specifications which meet compliance requirements to global traders and blenders.

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