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Our team has a long history of working together and many years of experience in agricultural commodities trading, oilseeds processing and vegetable oil production as well as global trade contracts execution. Together with our expertise and close relationships with global and domestic market players we have become one of the top brokers in Turkey.


Starting from negotiations and trade deals until full execution of contracts we commit ourselves to our business with utmost capabilities and efforts to ensure client satisfaction in all aspects. 


Professional ethics in business is one of our core values. We believe transparency is the key to build mutual trust. We work on improving our processes on the basis of transparency while protecting the discretion of our clients.


Our dedicated team provides prompt and accurate information flow with thorough follow up until all contracts are executed in full and all accounts are settled.


Preserving and improving our reputation is the driving force towards a sustainable business. At all times we operate responsibly to develop and maintain trust with all our clients and stakeholders. 

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